In addition to their daily curriculum, Northwest Montessori students have the option of participating in the following supplemental activities:

  • Gymnastics

    Extracurriculars at Northwest Montessori House of ChildrenIn this class, students experience activities that develop gross and fine motor skills with an emphasis on body awareness and control. Each class includes flexibility, stretching, and cardiovascular activities, as well as appropriate developmental gymnastics skills that build strength, coordination, balance, and confidence. These activities challenge students physically, mentally, and emotionally through safe and gradual, step by step, progressions.

  • Dance

Extracurriculars at Northwest Montessori House of ChildrenKinderdance is a movement and fitness program specifically designed for young children. The emphasis of the program is to expose children to various forms of dance and movement while having fun learning. The basics of ballet, tap, and creative movement are taught while blending numbers, colors, shapes and words into each lesson. The children are provided with appropriate physical, imaginative and critical thinking exercises that contribute to their development.

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  • Spanish

Extracurriculars at Northwest Montessori House of ChildrenMariposas brings extra-curricular Spanish classes to the school twice a week. The hands-on, thematically organized program allows children to learn Spanish through innovative lessons that include real life experiences, cultural activities, music, literature, games, visual aids, sign language, and art.

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  • Chess

Extracurriculars at Northwest Montessori House of ChildrenLittle Geniuses is a chess-song singing, laughing, chess-tourney, puppet show introduction to chess and being the smart kid in class. Only for kids ages 4 and up, Little Geniuses comes each Monday to Northwest Montessori and puts on a fun and instructive 45-minute chess practice.

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All extracurricular classes are held at Northwest Montessori throughout the week and take place in the front room of building 1903, except for I.Q. Kids, which takes place in the geography room of building 1905. Please inquire about classes directly with schools, as they function independently from Northwest Montessori.