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Northwest Montessori House of Children

Educates the Whole Child!

We follow the Montessori Method developed by Maria Montessori. Our program is for children aged 18 months to 6 years.  Children learn through a hands on approach at their own pace!

Our classrooms are fully equipped with time-tested Montessori materials and educational tools, and each of our campuses has a large, fully shaded playground.

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One of the Best Montessori Schools in Austin For Over 35 Years!

Finding excellent childcare is one of the highest priorities for new parents. There are so many options out there, it is sometimes hard to figure out what is the finest fit for you and children.

We at Northwest Montessori House of Children, pride ourselves on providing an established, comforting establishment that is both a safe and exciting environment. We offer programs for toddler and preschool children. Our staff is celebrated for our excellent parent communication.  We have recently incorporated the use of a communication app that allows teachers to update parents on their child’s progress with ease.  

The loving and nurturing environment we provide to children enable them to learn, grow, have fun, and unleash their creativity. We offer personal one-on-one attention to all children. The childcare /preschool choices are modestly priced and we are conveniently located in Central Austin. We have been in operations for over 35 years, which makes us experts in understanding the needs of each individual child. We offer one of the best preschools in Austin!

Northwest Montessori House of Children has 10 classrooms throughout our 4 campuses. Each Lead Teacher is Montessori Certified, as well as many of our assistant teachers. Our faculty of enthusiastic and dedicated educators are committed to creating an inviting and warm atmosphere where children can discover their own potential. It’s our goal as educators to build a strong community where our students have the tools to nurture their social, emotional, and academic development in preparation for elementary school.

At Northwest Montessori we believe that exercising our bodies is just as important as exercising our minds, so throughout the day we take study breaks and head out to our playgrounds. Each of our four campuses has its own playground with age appropriate playscapes and outdoor toys. The playgrounds are shaded by large trees that help our students keep cool during the summer months while they build up their physical strength and dexterity and develop their social skills. Our campus playgrounds are the perfect place for children to run, jump, play games with their friends and just be kids.

All these unique features make us one of the Best Preschools in Austin!